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Bikepacking vs Cycle Touring


Bikepacking vs. Cycle Touring: Exploring the Differences for Your Cycling Holiday in 2024

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Bikepacking vs. Cycle Touring: Exploring the Differences

Are you planning a cycling holiday in 2024? Let us help you understand the differences between two exciting forms of travel: bikepacking and cycle touring. Whether you're seeking an adventure through rugged terrain or a leisurely exploration on paved roads, we've got you covered.

What is Bikepacking: Embracing the Wilderness!

Experience the essence of adventure cycling with bikepacking. Embrace the wilderness as you travel light and self-supported over off-road terrains. Carrying lightweight camping gear and essentials, relying on your own resources.

If you’re starting out in bikepacking and looking for more information and essential tips, are the experts and if you want to try bite size loops the Pannier Journal is a collection of ride ideas and stories to start with. Bikepacking bicycles utilize frame bags, seat packs, and handlebar bags for optimal storage. Ride with confidence on bikepacking bicycles designed for rough terrain, featuring sturdy frames and wider tires for increased stability.

What is Cycle Touring: The Art of Leisurely Exploration

Cycle touring, on the other hand, is a more leisurely form of long-distance cycling on cycle touring bikes. You can still cover longer distances while still embracing ‘home’ comforts. Cycle touring primarily takes place on paved roads, allowing for easier access to towns, accommodations, and amenities. Cycle tourers often stay in hotels and embrace cultural exploration and longer stops in towns and cities.

Do I Need Special Gear?

Bikepacking 101Contrary to what gear enthusiasts may say, you don't need top-of-the-range equipment for your cycling adventure. give an excellent pack list of what you'll need. A bike, cycling clothes, camping gear (if camping), and panniers/frame bags to carry your belongings are sufficient. Prioritize safety, comfort, and happiness rather than investing in expensive gear. Be sure to test your bike and gear in different weather conditions before embarking on your first multi-day trip.

Best Cycling Trails in Europe

Europe offers a wealth of beautiful, safe, and culturally rich cycling trails. Challenge yourself with longer distance rides on historic trails, such as the 300km circular Normandy Way, 170km Tour de Mont Blanc or the epic Parenzana Trail. Whether you're seeking bragging rights, family-friendly rides, or year-round options, there is plenty variety of trail suggestions such as these historic cycle trails to all year round suggestions, Freedom Treks. But for the die hards and for those who really want heart pumping moments then the Red Bull Scariest Trails offerings are for you!

Choose Your Cycling Adventure in 2024

Whether you're drawn to the wilderness adventure of bikepacking or the leisurely exploration of cycle touring, make sure to select the mode that suits you best for your cycling holiday in 2024.

Happy cycling!