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Trail Running - Normandy Way

Our Norman Conquest: 🖐️Five Top Tips For Trails🖐️

20240409_132933-1The Waytrails team took on the Normandy Way by running instead of cycling the entire 300km loop non-stop in relay style. This is how we make sure our trails are tested and ready for you to challenge.

While our approach may seem extreme, we feel it is important for our trails to be verified so you can confidently take them on.  We run all of our completed trails on foot, as it gives us better insight of the trail.

5 Takeaways About Trail Running and Planning a Waytrail.

  • - We adapted:  Running 300km in 37hrs was hard. The weather wasn’t always with us, it stormed overnight, and with only 4 runners on rotation, your turn came around again fast! But like any hike, bike or run, success is working on strengths to get through. The moments where a hot drink was ready, a cold pack to hand or the ‘alright?’ nod were necessary. Whether you travel solo or with a buddy, know your strengths and your weaknesses and accommodate both.
  • - We embraced different paces: No Waytrail should be intimidating. As a team we managed all levels of fitness and energy levels and cheered on every finished leg. It's all about finding a trail to suit your rhythm and capability.
  • - We prepared and trained: It's important to be prepared and train accordingly. Longer trails like the Western Front Way, Camino de Santiago or even a 20km London Way require training and proper gear. Invest in both, build up your stamina, and ensure you make your trail comfortable and safe. See our hiking kits list essentials for 2024.
  • - We enjoyed the convenience: With the Waytrails app, the whole team had all the resources at our fingertips, so we all knew what was happening. From planning our route, understanding the area, booking accommodations to finding restaurants along the way, we were never far a guaranteed place to stay and somewhere to refuel.
  • - Motivation for future challenges: Successfully achieving a challenge like this can serve as a great motivator for taking on new trails in the future. Belief in ability and encouragement to push on to the next, solo or together.

Best bits? We were in cider and Camembert country! Worth a stop at Ferme de Billy. Fresh pain-au-chocolat and coffee after a night run. The excuse to buy the long awaited Harrier Run Free Lomond Jacket and the Jöttnar Floyen Insulated Jacket!

If you want an achievable getaway in beautiful French countryside, cuisine and culture, Waytrails’ Normandy Way has you covered.

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